1. Opposition to the increase and spread of knowledge
2. Deliberate obscurity or evasion of clarity


(of a person or of behaviour) praising people in authority in a way that is not sincere, usually in order to get some advantage from them.

And all was well in the world again #1

“Forever Bicycles” it’s like he reached into my mind, tapped into my thoughts and pulled out a dream in creating this installation. By Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, the exhibition “Held in Absentia” as part of a bigger exhibition aptly named “Absent” opened at the municipal Taipei Fine Arts Museum in October; running for three months it features his installation pieces, photography, sculptures and videos.

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Uhuru Design | W . A . R Craft Line.

An interpretation of Dazzle camouflage that was used on battleships to confuse enemy ships. Through high contrast and disrupted lines, Uhuru graphically breaks up the pattern for a functional coffee table. The levels represent the decks of the battleship, with framework inspired by nautical forms. The top is layered paint on aluminum, and the base consists of solid wood legs.

Fidelia & Co. Residential & Commercial Projects

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Sandwich Architecture | Delectable Art

Nicola Twilley created a series of mouth watering photographs exploring the structure and interaction of food. Twilley tantalises our stomachs with her delicious art as she explores the correlation between our structural surroundings and food.

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Alexandra Hager | The Legend

Austrian photographer Alexandra Hager one of my all time favourites (and yes, I have a few) magically captures a little more. She tells a story using people who appear doll-like in her photographs, projecting a haunting fairy tale look.

Fidelia & Co. Residential & Commercial

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D&AD Annual 11

Ooo la la the guys at Pentagram give us a sneak peek; a quick glance at the creation of the 2011 D&AD annual cover. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

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The Alpina Dolomites Resort

Even with the numerous trips I’m set to do next year, I can’t help but give in to the immediate allure this resort feeds, (I need to fit it in) it’s quite frankly sicccccccccccccccccccccccck!!!!! Probably the best holiday in the world, the ecological conception reflects harmony with nature – nature that is experienced, cherished and respected. Each of us is part of nature. Nature, our origin, is also a basic need, like the air we breathe.

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Ditto Guy, it’s my new favourite gadget too – had to be designed. Oh and how I love the ‘Twelve South’ logo, simple, clean, niceeeeeeeee.

Martha Winters Creates

I recently saw Martha’s work at an exhibition and was mesmerised. She explores her obsession with geometry and produces these unique sculptures perfect for the home or residential; internal or external use. Speaking a visual language so fluently, she focuses on reduced and economical form and hones in on her fascination with systems, repetition and order.

geometry——patterns——landscape = art.

Fidelia & Co. Residential & Commercial Projects

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Probably the best shoehorn in the world.

Design rethought, innovation at it’s best | simple | compact | universal usage – by Studio Dreimann

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Steve Jobs

“Stay hungry, stay foolish”

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

Optimized Handy Hydration

A great display of dual-functionality, this clever design features a two part lid, just simply unscrew the first part to drink straight from the bottle; or remove both parts and you have a drinking cup. It’s said that bottled water costs 500 times more than tap water, implying that this stylish water could save over £500 a year when drinking the recommended 2 litres a day.

Sustainable, practical and fashionable | all together cleverrrrrrr!

Design: Rinke van Remortel buy it here; Mocha

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He pushed the human race forward | “think different”

America lost a genius who will be remembered with Edison and Einstein, and whose ideas will shape the world for generations to come. … Again and again over the last four decades, Steve Jobs saw the future and brought it to life long before most people could even see the horizon.

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Seriously Heart Crooning Stuff

At least 3 years have gone by since I first watched this video, but damn does it resonate.

Dir: Chris Milk / Music Gnarls Barkley/ USA/ 2008

Because Architecture is the mother of all art…..#2

The Black Pearl, Rotterdam.
Prepared to be blown away!? This really is architecture at it’s best, designed by Studio Rolf.fr and Zecc Architects, the construction of this house is based on an experiment between time and space where the facade is approximately 100 years old. Doubling up as a home and workshop, it was entirely redesigned and painted in a shiny black oil exterior. The window frames and the glass of the existing facade are finished in the same black tones and almost camouflaged. Contemporary windows made from steel frames have been inserted to form new windows; these intersect the old while creating a new relation between the original and the new interpretation of the house behind it.

Exceptional, made me gasp with gleeeeeee!

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Papieren Sieraden Paper Jewellery

Nel Linssen Papieren Sieraden Paper Jewellery, a range beautifully made out of paper | mathematics + symmetry = sustainable wizardry.

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Reddress | London Design Festival 2011

550 metres of fabric,
238 people,
20 metres in diametre,
3 metres in height,
1 singer.

Reddress amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazinness, designed by Aamu Song

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Sophie Derrick

Sophie Derrick her body becomes the canvas for the paint, questioning the traditional concept of painting and portraiture, and the barriers between painting and photography. The body becomes both object and subject in the work.

She’s a little remarkable!

Fidelia & Co. Ltd residential projects.

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Frank O’ Hara | Having a coke with you

“….I look
at you and I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world except possibly for the Polish Rider occasionally…..”