Just me

Hola! I’m Irene, also known as Chi – I’m not much of a writer, I’m a designer and so you will find that my blog reflects that (there’s no law against that I hope). I am Creative Director for Fidelia & Co. a bespoke Art & Visual Communications firm and my background is in Graphics, User centered Design & Interiors – I’m a hybrid. (well, multi- ‘design’ disciplined)

I’m also a yoga-head and adrenaline junkie so quite often, cycle, run or hike for charity and fun. In all honesty, I’ve never thought myself as an extraordinary person, but I do know one person is capable of astounding things. I do not think I am greater than others, but I will always try to improve upon my yesterdays

People enter our lives for a reason, season or lifetime, I’m grateful to each and every one for lessons learnt (little things mean a lot).

Namaste, Chi.

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