And all was well in the world again #1

“Forever Bicycles” it’s like he reached into my mind, tapped into my thoughts and pulled out a dream in creating this installation. By Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, the exhibition “Held in Absentia” as part of a bigger exhibition aptly named “Absent” opened at the municipal Taipei Fine Arts Museum in October; running for three months it features his installation pieces, photography, sculptures and videos.

“In the exhibition, the presence of the artist is not necessary. An exhibition is articulated a single time through the completion of the artworks. To be absent from the exhibition is a kind of test. I feel we are all ethnic Chinese. We have a common cultural background, and also in today’s political environment we have many problems that overlap with each other. I do not feel that my absence will have any impact on the exhibition itself. If my absence influences the exhibition, then it explains that this absence is necessary. Absence itself is the current status of my art and my person, and a part of my cultural circumstance. This status endows this exhibition with a special significance”

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