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Mophie outdoor | My new biking & hiking companion ;)

This is for my nature loving people for we definitely will feel this most keenly. The Mophie Outdoor battery for the iPhone 4/S is without a doubt the best money spent on an iPhone since getting the iPhone. As a lover of the great outdoors, extra battery life is manna from heaven. Additionally, the GPS & mapping features are incredible and do not require a cell phone signal as it keeps tracking and recording position even when you lose signal (I really wish I had designed it). The other bonus is it’s not just a bike or hike specific product, can be used everyday. The battery case itself (either the Outdoor or the identical Juice Pack Plus) is good for about a full iPhone charge, says Mophie, and should come in handy out in the boonies.

Simply Delicious.

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And all was well in the world again #1

“Forever Bicycles” it’s like he reached into my mind, tapped into my thoughts and pulled out a dream in creating this installation. By Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, the exhibition “Held in Absentiaā€¯ as part of a bigger exhibition aptly named “Absent” opened at the municipal Taipei Fine Arts Museum in October; running for three months it features his installation pieces, photography, sculptures and videos.

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