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Uhuru Design | W . A . R Craft Line.

An interpretation of Dazzle camouflage that was used on battleships to confuse enemy ships. Through high contrast and disrupted lines, Uhuru graphically breaks up the pattern for a functional coffee table. The levels represent the decks of the battleship, with framework inspired by nautical forms. The top is layered paint on aluminum, and the base consists of solid wood legs.

Fidelia & Co. Residential & Commercial Projects

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Is it a Chair…….

… it a table?? – Uh-uh it’s an amalgamation of the two! Woohoo, pretty clever – Aissa Logerot presents the ‘XY’

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Bound to give any interior unique character and witty aesthetic, I present to you the Corner Chair – a new model of surrealist designer chairs from an experimental designer Anton Bjorsing

With its share of irony, creativity and conceptualization, the corner chair gets the thumbs up from me. Revolutionary!

Fidelia & Co Residential/Commercial

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