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Sandwich Architecture | Delectable Art

Nicola Twilley created a series of mouth watering photographs exploring the structure and interaction of food. Twilley tantalises our stomachs with her delicious art as she explores the correlation between our structural surroundings and food.

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The Alpina Dolomites Resort

Even with the numerous trips I’m set to do next year, I can’t help but give in to the immediate allure this resort feeds, (I need to fit it in) it’s quite frankly sicccccccccccccccccccccccck!!!!! Probably the best holiday in the world, the ecological conception reflects harmony with nature – nature that is experienced, cherished and respected. Each of us is part of nature. Nature, our origin, is also a basic need, like the air we breathe.

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Because Architecture is the mother of all art…..#2

The Black Pearl, Rotterdam.
Prepared to be blown away!? This really is architecture at it’s best, designed by Studio and Zecc Architects, the construction of this house is based on an experiment between time and space where the facade is approximately 100 years old. Doubling up as a home and workshop, it was entirely redesigned and painted in a shiny black oil exterior. The window frames and the glass of the existing facade are finished in the same black tones and almost camouflaged. Contemporary windows made from steel frames have been inserted to form new windows; these intersect the old while creating a new relation between the original and the new interpretation of the house behind it.

Exceptional, made me gasp with gleeeeeee!

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Because Architecture is the mother of all art…..#1

Made with a concrete facade by Atelier Zhanglei (AZL)this house based in Nanjing, China and was built entirely of concrete, roof included. Conversely the interior is almost completely made of wood, floors, ceiling and furniture complementing the cold exterior with exuberant warmth and scents of nature.

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