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Windows 8: The Recalcitrant Labyrinth

Android Stencil Kit

For more resources make sure you check UI Stencils. It definitely wins site of the day.

Beats Pencil & A NotePad.

The ultimate use of colour & sound.

Paper by FiftyThree

I couldn’t love this app enough. Genius!

Paper by FiftyThree from FiftyThree on Vimeo.

Cube Gear

Sorcery! (Mind blowing)

Life’s A Sport

One goal. Many ways to reach it.

Tell It Your Way: Porcelain Revised Score

Mid 2011 Award-winning short film Director/producer Ridley Scott launched a global filmmaking competition dubbed “Tell It Your Way” following its Cannes Lions award-winning short-film project “Parallel Lines.” The entrants were given freedom of expression and could take up any theme they wanted. There were two strict rules, the dialogue was to be precisely six-lines (as it was in the ‘Parallel Lines’ films), and entries could not exceed three minutes ~ The award-winning short film was Porcelain Revised Score. So incredibly beautiful.

Fresh Impressions.

I see design in her future for sure! Adam Ladd’s daughter on brand logos.

Interactive Starry Night

A try to visualize the flow of the famous painting “Starry Night” of Vincent Van Gogh. The user can interact with the animation. Also, the sound responds to the flow. Made with openframeworks.

Mophie outdoor | My new biking & hiking companion ;)

This is for my nature loving people for we definitely will feel this most keenly. The Mophie Outdoor battery for the iPhone 4/S is without a doubt the best money spent on an iPhone since getting the iPhone. As a lover of the great outdoors, extra battery life is manna from heaven. Additionally, the GPS & mapping features are incredible and do not require a cell phone signal as it keeps tracking and recording position even when you lose signal (I really wish I had designed it). The other bonus is it’s not just a bike or hike specific product, can be used everyday. The battery case itself (either the Outdoor or the identical Juice Pack Plus) is good for about a full iPhone charge, says Mophie, and should come in handy out in the boonies.

Simply Delicious.

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D&AD Annual 11

Ooo la la the guys at Pentagram give us a sneak peek; a quick glance at the creation of the 2011 D&AD annual cover. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

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Ditto Guy, it’s my new favourite gadget too – had to be designed. Oh and how I love the ‘Twelve South’ logo, simple, clean, niceeeeeeeee.

Seriously Heart Crooning Stuff

At least 3 years have gone by since I first watched this video, but damn does it resonate.

Dir: Chris Milk / Music Gnarls Barkley/ USA/ 2008

Frank O’ Hara | Having a coke with you

“….I look
at you and I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world except possibly for the Polish Rider occasionally…..”

Creation Requires Influence

We learn, adapt and grow, it’s the cycle of life. Kirby Fergusonpresents ‘Everything is a Remix’

Everything is a Remix Part 1 .

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Do Something Different?

Simple, doable and effective! One of the best philosophy’s to live by, I’ve set myself a number of 30 day challenges. And in making those ‘small’ changes my life is changing | I totally ♥ Matt Cutts


Makes me feel all fuzzy inside, love love love it.

Blah Blah Blah!

….because I am partial to Igbo…